Vijyam +

Vijyam + A Bio Organic Plant Growth promoter. Vijyam+ is a Bio-derived amino acids complex from sea weeds &cereals along with Organic acids and active Co-factors. Vijyam + spray improves in plants photosynthesis, flowering phenomena, fruit settings and stops the flower droppings immediately. Improves the color & Quality of the fruits and offers higher yields in chillies, cotton, paddy & other cereals, fruits, flower & Vegetables.

Application : Use : 0.5 to 1.0 ml /litre of water.


AVA-R It is a medicinal plantorian extract containing phytotoxins. It stops the infection of several viral strains infecting paddy, chillies, Tamato, Groundnut, Papaya, Citrus etc.,. It is capable of resisting viral infection by keeping away the vectors. It stops the further multiplications of viral pathogens in the plant bio system.

Application : AVA-R 5.0 to 7.5ml /litre of water with the interval of 6-7 days ( 4-5 times )


Boost is a composition of amino proteins with Nitro benzene 20% v/v beneficial for all crops. Boost contains naturally available N-amino acids derived from vegetable proteins. It activates plants vegetative growth along with profuse flowering, therefore it increases the yield. It is compatible with other fungicides and pesticides.

Application : Mix 2 to 3 ml Boost / litre of water & spray.


RADON - A natural immunizer protecting the plantsuseful against several pest attacks in all crops. Radon spray immediately stops the damages from various pests& insects on plants. It is an antifeedent,repellent& possesses ovicidal actions i.e., Stops the growth of eggs, pupae and larvae. It is Eco friendly& harmless for human beings& animals. Reduces the applications of poisonous pesticides. It acts as an IPM controller.

Application : 2.5 to 5.0 ml/litre of water


Mettix : A Bio Natural immunizer helpful for all crops. Mettix is a biologically derived mixture of natural plant alkaloids combined with hydrolyzed proteins along with active inorganic elements. Mettix develops the disease resistance in the plants. It activates the phenol oxidase and peroxidase enzymes & also other enzymatic activities in the plants and thus developing higher immunization power in the plants and thus resisting to the infection of the various fungal and bacterial diseases.

Application : 2 to 2.5 ml Mettix / litre of water for foliar spray.


Zeton is useful for all crops. Zeton is broad spectrum double action fungicide. It is a superior bio antifungal protector & also cures several fungal diseases attacking to the plants like paddy, chilly, cotton, maize, sugarcane, sunflower, groundnut, pulses, mango, citrus, pomegranates, grapes, banana, papaya and different vegetable crops. Zeton is an ideal ecofriendly, Non poisonous& Non health hazardous natural fungicide.

Application : Dissolve 2.5 gms Zeton / litre of water and spray. Next spray should be done after 15 days of the 1st spray.

Amisol – M

• A unique product from Vijayshri Agro chemicals

• It Contains significant amount of Sea Weed extract and in the form of granules

• Can be applied to all crops along with Chemical/ organic fertilizers

• It is very helpful to up take the nutrients very quickly and to the maximum extent from the soil to the plant by activating biological enzymes in the plant system

• It will protect the crop from stress conditions

• It will improve the yield & quality of the crop

Dosage for one acre 4 kgs to be applied along with All kinds of Fertilizers.